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 Hisarönü Turkey Going for a vacation will undoubtedly relieve you of the stress brought about by the daily grind. Look for Turkey holiday deals and treat yourself to a relaxing vacation in this stunning country. You will surely have a wonderful time exploring the many beautiful places in Turkey. The rich culture and history in this country will make you enjoy your stay here. One of the best places to visit and see when you get here is the small village of Hisarönü.

Hisarönü is a tourist resort village in the Marmaris district of the Muğla Province of Turkey. It is located at the western end of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and the southern end of the Aegean coast. The resort has grown from a small quiet village to a holiday resort along with its neighbor Ovacik in the last decade. It was not until 1992 that the road through Hisarönü on to Kayaköy was paved for the first time.

Fifteen years ago there were only a few houses in Hisarönü but it has now become a lovely resort. Due to the planning restrictions and lack of space to expand in Ölüdeniz itself, Hisarönü has taken up the slack - sitting in a beautiful location, surrounded by exquisite pine-clad mountains. The hotels are mostly built in the local traditional style with decorative wooden balconies. The largest secret to make lumination and also crispy potato chips is for you to soak the potato slices within water to clean apart any additional starch. Right until my partner and i saw a end result these crispy and also shame no cost potato chips i wasnt convinced on this prepared version. Generating your own potato chips with best potato chip maker might be regarded as a hassle, yet all of us can't locate that that way.

The beach of Ölüdeniz is just a short dolmuş (mini-bus) ride away - about 15 minutes. The resort town of Fethiye is approximately the same distance away in the opposite direction. Most visitors stay in Hisarönü itself, sunning by the pool, and going out at night to the local restaurants, and visiting the bars playing music up until the early hours of the morning. This region was once the site of the ancient city of Bybassos where now sits Hisarönü with fantastic views overlooking the famous Ölüdeniz lagoon.

Hisarönü Information

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